Ditch the Batteries with this Crank Operated Flashlight

You need a flashlight. So, you tear the entire house apart until you finally find one. You go to flip the switch and no light comes on. Checking the battery compartment, you remember that you had to repurpose the batteries for your TV remote. Next, you tear the house apart a second time looking for […]


Build a Pegboard Flipbook to Maximize Tool Storage

If one pegboard simply isn’t enough to hang your tools, this flipboard system just might give you the space you need. It uses multiple pegboards attached to the wall with hinges so you can flip through your tools just like pages in a book. Instructables user NEIN shows us how to make a simple flipboard […]


Easy Pub-style Beer Bottle Cap Mosaic Patio Table

In most regions, you can recycle or return glass bottles, but you need to toss out the bottle caps. That seems like a waste, which is probably a good reason alone to find ways of incorporating them into future DIY projects. For this Imgur user, the bottle cap table top and her favorite pub inspired […]