Build a Pegboard Flipbook to Maximize Tool Storage

By May 31, 2016Home, Workshop
Pegboard Tool Storage

If one pegboard simply isn’t enough to hang your tools, this flipboard system just might give you the space you need. It uses multiple pegboards attached to the wall with hinges so you can flip through your tools just like pages in a book.

Instructables user NEIN shows us how to make a simple flipboard storage system to maximize your wall space. The design uses several pieces of 1/4″ pegboard, 3″ hinges, mounting backboard and elastic cord to keep tools in place.

Pegboard pieces

Photo: NEIN | Instructables

You can cut sheets of pegboard to just about any size but keep in mind that the bigger the page the heavier it will be to turn. For his project, NEIN cut each sheet to about 16″X24″. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask because pegboard can kick up very fine particles!

Attaching the hinges

Photo: NEIN | Instructables

Attach two hinges to each sheet of pegboard and be sure they are inline with each other vertically or your pages will be crooked when you turn them and will bind. Drill out holes for the hinges and attach them to the pegboard with bolts.

Attaching the pegboard pages

Photo: NEIN | Instructables

Rather than mounting the other side of the hinges directly to his plywood backboard, NEIN decided to mount them to a square piece of 2″x3″. These “mounting blocks” will create a space between the backboard and pages giving them a wider range of motion. Then simply screw your mounting blocks to your plywood backboard from the backside making sure to space out your pages evenly.

Before hanging your pegboard flipbook unit, now is a good time to paint it! You can even paint each page a different color to help organize your tools by function or type. NEIN decided to just paint the backboard and use wooden bookmarks he laser cut at work to identify each page.

Hanging pegboard flipbook to the wall

Photo: NEIN | Instructables

Since he used a plywood backboard that was longer than he needed, NEIN turned the bottom portion into a clever drill storage shelf. No matter how you decided to modify your unit, it’s going to be heavy so be sure to mount it to a wall stud.

All that’s left is for you to load up your tools and secure them with elastic cords. Thread the ends of the cord through the pegboard holes and double knot them on the other side. This will secure your heavier tools in case you decide to “speed read” through your book.

For more photos and detailed step-by-step instructions, check out NEIN’s Easy Store Flipboard project!