Save Money by Refinishing Laminate Counters with Paint and Epoxy

By July 19, 2016Home

Most homeowners would love to have granite or marble countertops. They instantly boost the appeal of your bath or kitchen and give a sense of class and sophistication.

But for Marzi at Made by Marzipan, upgrading was simply out of the budget so using paint and epoxy, she gave her old, scratched laminate bathroom countertop a brand new look – and you won’t believe the results!

You’re going to need quite a few supplies. But, they are mostly inexpensive items. The epoxy is the highest priced item at about $16 with a coupon. Other materials include a piece of wood for the backsplash, painter’s tape, tinted primer, glitter, and copper leafing. You will also need brushes and a natural sea sponge.

Marzi used Lamp Black Textured Metallic Paint and Cast Bronze Metallic Paint, along with Envirotex Lite resin epoxy. The total cost, according to the full list, was less than $60 for the entire project.

The first step, other than gathering materials, is to remove your sink. You don’t want to attach the sink to your newly refinished countertops when you add epoxy. Make sure you turn off the water before removing the sink.

How to remove your sink

Made by Marzipan

Marzi also removed the cheap laminate backsplash and replaced it with a 1 X 4 piece of wood. If the backsplash is loose, you should remove it and consider replacing it while you’re at it anyway. She shows you how to blend the new wood piece into the rest of the countertop.

Use painter’s tape and newspaper to cover up your walls, cupboards, mirror, and any other surfaces that you want to keep clean. Also, cover the interior of the sink opening. This will keep epoxy from dripping onto other surfaces.

Mask off walls, floor and cupboards using tape and newspaper

Made by Marzipan

Primer paint is applied to the counter and backsplash using a foam brush. After the paint dries, a second coat is added. Once the second coat dries, the base coat can be added.

Apply 2 coats of primer to the laminate surface

Made by Marzipan

Martha Stewart Lamp Black Textured Metallic Paint was used. It is a thick paint, with a sandy texture and fine glitter. This paint was thinned with a small amount of black acrylic paint.

While the first base coat is still wet, a small sprinkling of dark brown glitter gets added. Be careful when adding the glitter. You should wash your hands beforehand and dry them completely. This will keep the glitter from clumping together.

Add brown glitter to the basecoat while it's still wet

Made by Marzipan

Specks of copper leafing are added next. You will want to use tweezers to tear small pieces of copper leafing. Each piece should be about the size of a grain of rice or smaller.

Add small pieces of gold leafing to the wet basecoat

Made by Marzipan

After the base coat is dry and you have added the glitter and specks of copper leafing, you can add the accent color. For the accent color, another Martha Stewart paint was chosen – Cast Bronze Metallic Paint.

The accent color was added using a small piece of natural sea sponge. Make sure that you rotate the sponge. This keeps the pattern from the sponge from appearing uniform across your countertops.

Dab a lighter accent color using a sea sponge

Made by Marzipan

Once the accent color has dried, you can add the epoxy. A 32-ounce kit was used. You’ll need a disposable container for mixing the liquids. Thoroughly stir the ingredients together to prepare the epoxy.

Stirring is essential. You need to have the epoxy properly mixed, otherwise, it will not work correctly. You could end up with bubbles or an uneven surface. Pour the mixture as soon as you have finished stirring.

Apply liberally and spread with a foam brush. As the epoxy dries, the epoxy may drip from the sides. Keep an eye on the epoxy as it dries. Wipe the excess epoxy away with a foam brush. Use a barbecue lighter to pop any bubbles that appear. It should take about 30 minutes for the epoxy to set.

Apply the epoxy and spread evenly with a foam brush

Made by Marzipan

After about three hours, you should be able to remove the painter’s tape and newspaper. Wait for a total of 72 hours before replacing your sink and using your countertops.

That covers the basics to give your countertops an update with this simple DIY project. Save yourself money while renovating your bathroom or kitchen.

If you want to see the full details, read the detailed description of how to refinish your laminate countertops by Marzi.