Easy Pub-style Beer Bottle Cap Mosaic Patio Table

By July 20, 2016Home, Recycling
Beer Bottle Cap Patio Table

In most regions, you can recycle or return glass bottles, but you need to toss out the bottle caps. That seems like a waste, which is probably a good reason alone to find ways of incorporating them into future DIY projects. For this Imgur user, the bottle cap table top and her favorite pub inspired this beer bottle mosaic patio table.

Using a combination of bottle caps, grout, and an old patio table, you can easily put this project together in an afternoon. Though, it may take longer than an afternoon to collect the bottle caps.

Tile patio table


The user chose a table that already had a tile surface. The existing tile and grout were removed using a rubber hammer. The result is an empty table with a lip around the edges.

Remove tile with a rubber hammer.


You could essentially use any table, but it needs a lip for a clean edge. Though, you could use a trowel to even out the edges if you use a table without a lip.

Once the table is ready, you can begin arranging your bottle caps. Lay them out on the table to create your design. After you decide how to arrange your bottle caps, take a picture that you can use for reference.

Arrange the bottle caps on the table surface


Next, clear off the table and apply a thick layer of grout. Make sure you follow the instructions to mix the grout properly. Spread the grout across the table. You just need enough to secure the bottle caps in place.

Place the bottle caps on the table, following the design that you chose. Allow the grout to dry overnight.

Arrange beer caps on grout and let dry overnight


The next day, apply a thick layer of grout, covering the bottle caps. As you spread the grout, the tops of the bottle caps should slowly begin to appear. You want to add enough grout that the grout reaches the top of the bottle caps without covering them.

Spread grout over bottle caps


You can use a sponge to smooth the grout and wipe the tops of the bottle caps clean. Throughout the day, as the grout dries in the sun, use the sponge to keep it smooth and clean off the bottle caps.

Also, when you first place your bottle caps, you should occasionally take a step back from the table to ensure they are evenly spaced. When you are close to an object, it is hard to get a good perspective.

This is a fun and easy project that most people should have no problem completing. It is a two-day project, but you may need to start planning now.

The original poster did not mention how many bottle caps were used, but it would appear to be more than 120 caps. That’s 20 6-packs. One way to get collect caps quickly is to have a cookout and invite a lot of guests. Make sure you let people know that you’re saving their caps.

Use this project to give new life to an old table. If you want an example of how to arrange your bottle caps for your own beer bottle cap mosaic table, you could take a look at the original post on Imgur.