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A floor jack can come in handy when you need to change, rotate, or inspect your wheels. Unfortunately, they’re not made with portability in mind. So, what do you when you’re off-roading with your buggy and need to replace a wheel? According to Pirate 4×4 forum user Andrew, you take a standard floor jack, tear […]
Have you always wanted the comfort of camping in an RV without having to stay at an RV park or large campsite? Instructables user “Making it There” details the steps taken to convert a Sprinter van into a mobile RV. A major process, but the end result is amazing. For this DIY custom Sprinter van […]
In most regions, you can recycle or return glass bottles, but you need to toss out the bottle caps. That seems like a waste, which is probably a good reason alone to find ways of incorporating them into future DIY projects. For this Imgur user, the bottle cap table top and her favorite pub inspired […]
Most homeowners would love to have granite or marble countertops. They instantly boost the appeal of your bath or kitchen and give a sense of class and sophistication. But for Marzi at Made by Marzipan, upgrading was simply out of the budget so using paint and epoxy, she gave her old, scratched laminate bathroom countertop […]
For those that grew up in the 80’s, Ghostbusters was a major phenomenon. Well, the same could be true with today’s kids, as a new Ghostbusters film hits the theaters this summer. After catching this flick, instead of purchasing any officially licensed gear, consider making your own Ghostbusters Proton Pack. Your kid could be the […]
You need a flashlight. So, you tear the entire house apart until you finally find one. You go to flip the switch and no light comes on. Checking the battery compartment, you remember that you had to repurpose the batteries for your TV remote. Next, you tear the house apart a second time looking for […]