For those that grew up in the 80’s, Ghostbusters was a major phenomenon. Well, the same could be true with today’s kids, as a new Ghostbusters film hits the theaters this summer. After catching this flick, instead of purchasing any officially licensed gear, consider making your own Ghostbusters Proton Pack. Your kid could be the […]
We all seek different things in our friends – companionship, encouragement …or a “bleep-blop” talking robot and intergalactic partner in the fight against the Dark Side of the Force. To have the kind of relationship that Luke Skywalker had with R2-D2 was my ultimate bestie goal so when I saw the first videos for “The […]
If you consider your car your significant other, then chances are, video gaming is your mistress. These two fight relentlessly for your attention so why not enjoy both at the same time by flashing a little geek pride in your ride? If you devoted a lot of your young adulthood to old flight sim games […]