This Awesome Baby’s Marty McFly Costume and DeLorean Push Car is an Epic Parenting Win

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For Cooper’s first Halloween, his Back to the Future-loving parents dressed him up as Marty McFly. But a simple wardrobe change doesn’t sacrifice nearly enough free time to satisfy a true gearhead so his parents spent weekends and nights throughout the month of October to build a DeLorean out of a plastic child’s push car.

Back To The Future Cardboard Costume

Goines | Flickr

Cooper’s mom, Cory, has always loved cars since she was little and grew up going to car shows with her father so what better way to tote your 1-year old son around on Halloween (or any day for that matter) than in a customized Step2 push car? To recreate the iconic DeLorean she used cardboard, tape, paint and some EL lighting with the help of her husband, Jeremy.

Back to the Future Cardboard Costume

Goines | Flickr

The result? A perfect mix of geek and gearhead complete with hovering wheels, the OUTATIME license plate, and Mr. Fusion. The best part – the time machine will allow Cooper to amass the largest stockpile of candy of all time! All he has to do is visit every Halloween night in the history of time and dump any of the lame candy like raisins, pretzels or apples into Mr. Fusion for fuel.

After all, isn’t that what all 1-year olds want?

Back to the Future DIY Cardboard Costume

Goines | Flickr

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