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You need a flashlight. So, you tear the entire house apart until you finally find one. You go to flip the switch and no light comes on. Checking the battery compartment, you remember that you had to repurpose the batteries for your TV remote. Next, you tear the house apart a second time looking for […]
We all seek different things in our friends – companionship, encouragement …or a “bleep-blop” talking robot and intergalactic partner in the fight against the Dark Side of the Force. To have the kind of relationship that Luke Skywalker had with R2-D2 was my ultimate bestie goal so when I saw the first videos for “The […]
All the hottest custom cars are flaunting these edgy yet alluring angel eyes and they continue to take the industry by storm. Whether you’re strapped for cash or can’t find a pair to fit your specific application, this video is an informative guide for making your own. Below are a few additional pointers for getting […]